1. We are all Ivan.

  2. Happy Batman Day!

  3. Charles Schulz “Li’l Folks”

  4. Enjoying the new #Criterion Blu-ray of A HARD DAY’S NIGHT and came across this photo of billcorbett.

  5. My beautiful two volume edition of WITZEND arrived today! Congratulations to the talented folks at Fantagraphics and happy belated birthday to the late, great Wallace Wood.

  6. Showing off the new Mondo Vision Ltd. Edition Blu-ray of Andrzej Zulawski’s POSSESSION.

  7. Some thought this day would never come. Kudos to Mondo Vision for their commitment to excellence and aesthetic beauty.

  8. Sketchbook quickie 5/18/14 by R. Hilton

  9. Happy Godzilla Week!

    Godzilla and Kaiju art by Robert M. Hilton

  10. Godzilla sketch 5/9/14
    Lots more Godzilla art on Battles With Reality blog, scroll on G-fans!